Gurdjieff Studies

Movements Classes

Gurdjieff’s Movements, or Sacred Dances, bring the possibility of a rare and very special contact with - and connection between - the head, body and feelings.

Prayers; strongly rhythmical men's dances demanding exact positions; women’s dances with gentle, flowing movements and graceful gestures; traditional craft and folk dances; all are encompassed within The Movements. Most were choreographed by Gurdjieff, others may have been collected during his years of search and study in monasteries and ancient brotherhoods in the near and far east.

In a Movements class a call is made: to be alive in the body, clear in the head, and sensitive in the feelings - to which the music and postures may speak.

The possibility of a deeper, more real sense of oneself can be glimpsed; and the obstacles which get in one's way begin to show themselves.



Practical Work


"... in the rhythm of certain dances, in the precise movements and combinations of the dancers, certain laws are vividly recalled. Such dances are called sacred. During my journeys in the East, I often saw dances of this kind executed during the performance of sacred rites in some of the ancient temples. These ceremonies are inaccessible, and unknown to Europeans."

G I Gurdjieff