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Group Work

What are the main elements of Group Work?

Group Meetings


The weekly Group meeting is the forum for exchanges of questions or observations about one's inner work, one's search for understanding ... (read more).

Reading Groups

Although private study of "Work" literature can be of great value, reading with others, in an atmosphere of gathered attention, brings a special quality of perception and understanding ... (read more).

Movements Classes

Gurdjieff’s Movements, or Sacred Dances, bring the possibility of a rare and very special contact with - and connection between - the head, body and feelings ... (read more).

Practical Activities

Applied attention in cooking, gardening, craft-work, the study of music and sound, drama or art have immediate resonances with activities undertaken in life ... (read more).

Intensive Residentials

Periodically there are intensive residential events over 5 or 6 days, in the UK or elsewhere in Europe. All the elements of Group Work - the meetings, Movements classes, practical work and shared meals - help to raise one's inner work to a new level ... (read more).

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