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Reading Groups

Although private study of "Work" literature can be of great value, reading with others, in an atmosphere of gathered attention, brings a special quality of perception and understanding.

G I Gurdjieff's books are multi-layered and merit study over many years, in conjunction with practical work, inner and outer, under the guidance of a teacher.

The books by G I Gurdjieff and some of his pupils have been an introduction to the Work for a great number of people. Sometimes, when a few such people have come together to share the experience of reading, this has been the beginning of a new Study Group.

Currently Gurdjieff Studies conducts Reading Groups in LondonSouthampton and Swansea, and overseas in Bucharest, Romania. Please follow the links to make further enquiries.

If you would like to start a Reading Group in your area, please contact us; we may be able to help.

“When I heard the ideas I was dumbfounded. I could not get them out of my mind. They haunted me day and night. I felt they were true”

Henriette Lannes

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