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Intensive Residentials

Periodically there are intensive residential events over 5 or 6 days, in the UK or elsewhere in Europe. All the elements of Group Work - the meetings, Movements classes, practical work and shared meals - help to raise one's inner work to a new level.

Such an event can raise many questions about the pattern of our lives, many aspects of which are taken for granted. People from different countries and backgrounds, with different levels of understanding and experience, brings an intense atmosphere of shared search and question.

At certain moments one can feel as if freed from a prison and experiences one's own reality in a new and vivifying way.

"This period, the middle of the summer of 1916, has remained in the memory of all the members of our group as a time of very great inner intensity in our work. We all felt that we had to hurry, that we were doing too little compared with the immensity of the task we had set ourselves. We realised that our chance of knowing more might go just as suddenly as it had come and we tried to increase the pressure of work in ourselves and to do all that we could while conditions were favourable"

P D Ouspensky

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